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Xiaoshan Innovation Polis 

Xiaoshan Innovation Polis (Core Zone) is a project jointly constructed by the People’s Government of Xiaoshan District, Transfar Group and Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Development Co., Ltd., following the development pattern of “government-led and enterprises as the main body”. According to the planning, its core zone will form to a new layout with the city-industry integration, which focuses on the development of bioscience, new energy and new materials, and high-end equipment manufacturing and will provide headquarters office space, star-rated hotels, featured commerce, deluxe apartment buildings, water-front communities and theme parks, creating a new science and technology city in the south of Hangzhou that is livable and suitable for doing business and traveling. Such a well-equipped new city will greatly improve the quality and value of this region, promote the development and service upgrading of Xiaoshan Innovation Polis as a whole and soon become an important platform for Xiaoshan to develop innovation-driven economy.

Qianjiang International City, New Paradise of Jiangnan

Function Orientation
  • Hangzhou Sub-CBD

    Comprehensive center for production and life services for Hangzhou Economic Development Zone (Xiasha), Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone and the Great Jiangdong Industrial Agglomeration Area

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Science and Technology Innovation Base

    to develop supporting service platforms for science and technology, finance, logistics, and innovation and creativity.

    ag平台总部在哪里to develop supporting service platforms for science and technology, finance, logistics, and innovation and creativity.

  • Riverside Ecological Livable Paradise

    The Qiantang River landscape and internal network of rivers has created an eco-friendly livable paradise for small and medium-sized enterprise executives, the new "Hangzhou people" and expats.

ag平台总部在哪里Pursuit city development via science innovation

Industry Positioning

Based on core development concept, positioning and function composition,

Transfar has leveraged the existing base for industry development, to develop supporting service platforms for science and technology, finance, logistics, and innovation and creativity.

Transfar intends to create life sciences, smart equipment, new energy and new materials, as well as creative design for the four major industrial systems.

  • life sciences
  • smart equipment
  • new energy and new materials
  • creative design